Doodling in down time..

Cursive writing – it was something we learnt in school from around grade 2, I think! It was the “expected” thing to know how to write with a cursive handwriting and join the alphabets to form neat legible words.

Calligraphy was the next step up. The art of using the flat tip markers/fountain pens to write headings that looked like gothic scriptures! I first saw calligraphy on a classmates year 9 summer project. Her mother had the most beautiful calligraphy skills and had hand scripted headings for each topic/section in the project. The teachers were in awe…. We students were in awe…. I was in love! 

Fast forward nearly 20 years!! 

I caught the hand lettering bug through Instagram late last year. That is why I commenced the @handletteredabcs challenge of practicing an alphabet each day at the start of the new year. 

Sadly I only made it to the letter “J” – then life took over!

Recently I’ve realized that finding the perfect “free” time to practice hand-lettering while at home might be hard… But if I carry a notebook and pens or Tombow dual brush markers then I can practice anywhere!! 

So here’s some things I doodled while at my desk – 

(1) Inspired by Anita Moorjani’s book that I was reading at the time – ‘Dying to be me’  
(2)  If I remember correctly this was one of the quotes shared by ‘Elephant Journal’ on IG

(3)  This one was inspired by @handletteredabcs challenge about “Travel” and someone had shared this quote that resonated with me so much that I had to write it down and doodle some pictures 🙂

(4)  Amy Tangerine shared this quote on her IG feed and it was a perfect quote to inspire and change ones mindset. I didn’t know where Inwas going with it when I started…. After a few takes it dawned on me that hardwork could be that ladder one walks to get to our goal/success! So here was that doodle….

Do you think I like silhouette figures much? Is that what they are called?! 

(5)  Another inspiring quote I saw in my IG feed which I changed slightly (changed the end….from “improve the world” to “improve Oneself”)

(6) Then the Tombow Dual Brush pens came to my desk… I began writing the word ‘pray’ without knowing what was the quote going to be…. It was just a lucky experiment that I wanted to submit for @handletteredabcs challenge on ‘word mosaic’ – so totally unexpectedly I made is bouquet of flowers with the colored pens. 

(7)  Then took inspiration from Amy Tangerine’s Handbook and doodled in the park on a beautiful sunny afternoon.

(8)  This one I actually started writing when I was at a hair color appointment waiting for the color to do its thang!  😉 Words inspired by Amy Tangerine’s Handbook.

(9) And this morning…. Elephant Journal IG feed inspired-LIVE simply, LOVE generously, LEARN constantly 

Thanks for reading- what do you practice in your downtime? 


Confetti and glue!

This weekend, we had a good friend’s 10th wedding anniversary and occasions like these always call for love poems and champagne! 

Managed to easily find a set of 6 crystal flutes on a very good sale at Laura Ashley.   

 Love poems…. Hmmm that was another matter. 

A vision of a scattered confetti shape had been floating in my mind for a few days so on Saturday morning, 3 hours before the party, armed with a box of colorful tissue paper confetti, a tube of craft glue and an eager 4yr old in my tow… We started our little craft adventure!

LOVE makes life more COLORFUL 

I was imagining a heart shape bordered with lots of confetti that would gradually reduce towards the edges of a mini-canvas.

But the thought of “trying” the idea on canvas felt slightly overwhelming?! Why? I don’t know…. So the next best thing was to make a handmade card instead. Smaller real estate and so hoping that would mean lower risk of messing it up? (Yeah I know…. It’s silly! These expectations on myself to create a masterpiece in the first try!) 

Anyway….settling the baby down at our feet and our craft supplies scattered on the benchtop, our take 1 started like this… 


Firstly the watercolor handwritten words were too messy and the heart shape just didn’t seem to work…. More confetti around it didn’t help either.

Take 2

I tried writing just the word ‘Love’ with watercolor and the rest with my fine Sharpie….attempting to freehand the words into a heart shape….


Take 3

Drew the heart shape with the Sharpie and tried scattering confetti from one corner? Nope! 

Take 4 – Finally

No heart shape! Just the word ‘love’ with black watercolor, the words ‘makes life more’ with Sharpie and ‘colorful’ with Tombow Dual Brish Pens… And scattered confetti from top left corner across the card.

Image below shows the out-take cards! (Take 1-top left, Take 2-top right, Take 3-bottom left, Take 4- bottom right)


Satisfied with the 4th card….. Plus we were running out of time to get ready for the party!! 😁

Couldn’t have done it without my 4yr old. Here’s my Little Miss Gorgeous in action!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Do you have crafty adventures with your little ones too? 

Here’s the final shot of the card. 


My Instant Gratification Monkey has been in control! 

My name is Nupur and I’m a Create-a-holic. 

If you are like me, you know what it’s like to have a number of creative ideas floating through your mind every day and always day dreaming what it would be like if you had the time to actually do them?! 

If you are like me then you have more than one hobby or creative pursuit and you often struggle to settle down and actually devote time to practice that art and instead you just go off on a crazy ride through the WWW looking for ideas and inspiration and before you know it, it’s been hours and you’ve just wasted all that time and have nothing to show for it! 

Now I know why!! 

It’s my Instant Gratification Monkey! He has been in control for way too long! 

I am breaking this crazy cycle and thanks for Amy Tangerine’s Handbook “5 practices to squeezing more out of your creative life” – I now know that I need to walk out of this “consumption junction” that I’m stuck in and start creating…. Even if for no one else but me!! 


I have a number of projects on my To Do list and I’ve realized that I’m wasting so much valuable time on social media, YT and Pinterest instead of gettin my hands dirty and creating things that bring me joy!! 

So I have decided to kick the IGM out and let my Rational Decision Maker take control – everyday to “create” – no matter if it’s 5mins or 50mins!! 

I’m currently taking on the #the100dayproject challenge on my Insta feed @mypaperprincesses and using hashtag #100dayswithmypaperprincesses to tag all the creative stuff around me – whether it’s my creation or someone else’s… It’s all beautiful! 

For closer friends and family – on my private Insta feed I’m also taking on the #100daysofMelbourne challenge sharing personal pictures in and around Melbourne – sharing it’s beauty as captured with my iPhone 6! 

The challenge has been on for a week – which is longer than I have ever continued any challenge like this before! 

It’s not too late – just jump in – and comment on my Insta feed or comment below with you Insta account so I can see what your 100 days challenge is!!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Celebrity spotting!

If you have been in the scrapbooking world for sometime, you will have heard of Project Life. And if you have heard of Project Life…chances are you will have heard of Becky Higgins too! 

Becky is the creator of a simple memory keeping aka scrapbooking system called “Project Life“. Her mantra is “Cultivate a good life and record it”! 

Through PL, Becky aims to inspire people to record the stories of their lives and the lives of their loved ones with minimal fuss. Simply print photos, use the pre-designed PL cards (for journaling or just adding a touch of “pretty”) and slide them into pocket page protectors that go into albums. Of course the embellishment lovers can embellish the cards and photos if they are so inclined. 🙂

So these last 11 days, Becky with her Product Manager, Kari Holt, has been on a whirlwind tour of Australia with Spotlight Stores – our art and craft mega stores in Australia. 

I’m such a dork because when I saw the tour dates I got so excited – then without checking the day of the week she was in Melbourne, I got super sad as well – thinking both her classes were during the day so I’d miss it 😦 

Then only a day before they arrived in Victoria did I realize that she was visiting on Saturday! Hurray!! So I made a 55km trip to Spotlight Fountaingate to say “G’Day!!”

I did wonder however, that I had been following Becky on social media for months and bought a ton of stuff when I visited US last year, but have hardly “created” any PL layouts that I could share with her when I meet her. 

Becky had shared on social media how she had started signing mini canvases with her mantra/tag line for a number of her fans on this tour.

So it occurred to me at 10.30pm on Friday night that perhaps I could make a gift for Becky?!

Luckily I had a couple of these mini canvases at home. So after making a “trial” version…. I made my gift for her in Hindi – my mother tongue – that I hardly ever write in now, since coming to Australia 16 years ago! 

I had to call Mum to help me translate it!! Lol!! 😀

Left one for her and right one is the trial one. 

And here’s the closeup.

Becky and Kari were both wonderful in person. Becky was so excited by the canvas that she made a little video and took my picture with the canvas too – silly me I forgot to take a picture of her with the canvas in her hands! X(

Some pictures of the afternoon below – and yes I did take both my little girls with me to see her!! 

(This one above of the balloons was shared by another Becky fan on social media – I couldn’t get a perfect angle!)

L-R: Bob (the Spotlight Liason?), Kari (Product Manager), Becky and a friend? 

If you have reached the bottom of this post thanks for stopping by! 

I leave you with the last photo of the goodies I received that day. More short stories and a mini video of the day is on my Instagram feed. 

  Have an awesome day!

Two Oh One Six!! 

Happy New Year to all who celebrated the start of 2016! We, in our too-tired-to-go-anywhere-and-too-hot-to-be-bothered parents of two little princesses, decided to usher the new year right from our living room couch watching the Melbourne (and Sydney!) fireworks of the tellie – perfect (yes I know!). Going into the city to watch fireworks is a super crowded place at a near 40• night on NYE is not for the faint hearted… 

Sorry for being AWOL from the blog – I’ve been trying out so many different art mediums and mixed media etc while away. It was so much fun just doing it all and sadly leaves no time to update the blog!

Some pictures below of all the fun I’ve been having 


Please follow my IG feed @mypaperprincesses for all the latest in my creative adventures! 😊

Scrapbook Topics

There is so much that I’d to document for my #LittleMissGorgeous and #LittleMissPrecious but I goes the long journey begins with one single step – So here’s the list of scrapbooks/ideas that I want to create in the coming months!

  • Baby Book for #LittleMissGorgeous – her first year with us including all the memerobilia (her hospital tags, hair cut, welcome cards etc) – 12×12
  • Baby Book for #LittleMissPrecioid – her first year with all the above too! – 12×12
  • First Birthday Album for #LittleMissGorgeous – 12×12
  • Annual Family Albums from 2012 onwards – 8×8?!
  • Family Holiday Albums – 8×8?!
  • The Story of Us Album – the years together with #MyBabiesDaddy and me before our little princesses came along. Planning to include some overseas trips and holidays with friends etc

Hmmmmm any more ideas?

Did I jump the gun?!

Well it’s been on my to do list for months if not years… To journal and record our lives, especially since my first daughter was born.

But – traditional scrap booking was way too intimidating! I just couldn’t see myself staring at a blank 12×12 sheet and knowing how to layer the photos and the papers and the embellishment to create the exquisite scrapbook masterpieces that I saw on Pinterest (of course I understand that there isn’t a perfect page but still… It’s scary!!) it’s not like I’ve studied arts or design etc… To know the nitty gritty of what makes a perfect scrap composition.

Then when I found Becky’s PL system earlier this year, I couldn’t contain my excitement, but I thought best to do all my PL shopping in U.S. as I knew I was going to visit family over there between May-July.

Till then I filled all my free time between cuddling and cooing with my baby! with day dreaming about scrap booking and watching as many YouTube videos as I could, in all sorts of wee hours of the night!

Then I returned from the holiday with a huge stash – pictures posted in the last post.

I don’t have the albums yet – no problem – but the bigger more fundamental issue is that I don’t have my pictures printed yet!

After a lot of online research I’ve come to the conclusion that –

A) Australian scrappers don’t have the luxury of pernicketyprints (like the U.S. guys!) – but yes we do have scrapbook with fairly reasonable printing charges for 12×12 and reviews show that their quality is pretty decent. However, what should I do when I need to start scrapping like “right now”?!!

B) I have played with the #ProjectLifeApp as well and have created a few layouts but I’m in love with all my pretty embellishments. So I’m wondering whether the PLapp 12×12 or 8×8 prints will have to be cut up to utilize the pocket pages I’ve already bought or what I turn lazy and just start sliding the printed layouts in the sleeves like Becky does and lay all my embellie stash to waste?! :-/

C) So a dedicated photo printer it is! And all blogs and scrappy videos I’ve seen pointed to the Epson PictureMate!

So I spoke to hubby dearest and he agreed that I should go ahead and order one! Yay!!

But shortly after trolling through the usual sites – eBay, office works, Amazon, Epson etc etc I realized something very odd – there is no PictureMate available for Australia?! WHAT?!

Late night post (like 3am!) to the Facebook  “Project Life Australia” group (such a helpful bunch!!) – and the reps have replied that for some buzz are reason Epson has discontinued PictureMate in Australia and there is no replacement announced as yet!!! WHAT?!!