Doodling in down time..

Cursive writing – it was something we learnt in school from around grade 2, I think! It was the “expected” thing to know how to write with a cursive handwriting and join the alphabets to form neat legible words.

Calligraphy was the next step up. The art of using the flat tip markers/fountain pens to write headings that looked like gothic scriptures! I first saw calligraphy on a classmates year 9 summer project. Her mother had the most beautiful calligraphy skills and had hand scripted headings for each topic/section in the project. The teachers were in awe…. We students were in awe…. I was in love! 

Fast forward nearly 20 years!! 

I caught the hand lettering bug through Instagram late last year. That is why I commenced the @handletteredabcs challenge of practicing an alphabet each day at the start of the new year. 

Sadly I only made it to the letter “J” – then life took over!

Recently I’ve realized that finding the perfect “free” time to practice hand-lettering while at home might be hard… But if I carry a notebook and pens or Tombow dual brush markers then I can practice anywhere!! 

So here’s some things I doodled while at my desk – 

(1) Inspired by Anita Moorjani’s book that I was reading at the time – ‘Dying to be me’  
(2)  If I remember correctly this was one of the quotes shared by ‘Elephant Journal’ on IG

(3)  This one was inspired by @handletteredabcs challenge about “Travel” and someone had shared this quote that resonated with me so much that I had to write it down and doodle some pictures 🙂

(4)  Amy Tangerine shared this quote on her IG feed and it was a perfect quote to inspire and change ones mindset. I didn’t know where Inwas going with it when I started…. After a few takes it dawned on me that hardwork could be that ladder one walks to get to our goal/success! So here was that doodle….

Do you think I like silhouette figures much? Is that what they are called?! 

(5)  Another inspiring quote I saw in my IG feed which I changed slightly (changed the end….from “improve the world” to “improve Oneself”)

(6) Then the Tombow Dual Brush pens came to my desk… I began writing the word ‘pray’ without knowing what was the quote going to be…. It was just a lucky experiment that I wanted to submit for @handletteredabcs challenge on ‘word mosaic’ – so totally unexpectedly I made is bouquet of flowers with the colored pens. 

(7)  Then took inspiration from Amy Tangerine’s Handbook and doodled in the park on a beautiful sunny afternoon.

(8)  This one I actually started writing when I was at a hair color appointment waiting for the color to do its thang!  😉 Words inspired by Amy Tangerine’s Handbook.

(9) And this morning…. Elephant Journal IG feed inspired-LIVE simply, LOVE generously, LEARN constantly 

Thanks for reading- what do you practice in your downtime? 


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