My Instant Gratification Monkey has been in control! 

My name is Nupur and I’m a Create-a-holic. 

If you are like me, you know what it’s like to have a number of creative ideas floating through your mind every day and always day dreaming what it would be like if you had the time to actually do them?! 

If you are like me then you have more than one hobby or creative pursuit and you often struggle to settle down and actually devote time to practice that art and instead you just go off on a crazy ride through the WWW looking for ideas and inspiration and before you know it, it’s been hours and you’ve just wasted all that time and have nothing to show for it! 

Now I know why!! 

It’s my Instant Gratification Monkey! He has been in control for way too long! 

I am breaking this crazy cycle and thanks for Amy Tangerine’s Handbook “5 practices to squeezing more out of your creative life” – I now know that I need to walk out of this “consumption junction” that I’m stuck in and start creating…. Even if for no one else but me!! 


I have a number of projects on my To Do list and I’ve realized that I’m wasting so much valuable time on social media, YT and Pinterest instead of gettin my hands dirty and creating things that bring me joy!! 

So I have decided to kick the IGM out and let my Rational Decision Maker take control – everyday to “create” – no matter if it’s 5mins or 50mins!! 

I’m currently taking on the #the100dayproject challenge on my Insta feed @mypaperprincesses and using hashtag #100dayswithmypaperprincesses to tag all the creative stuff around me – whether it’s my creation or someone else’s… It’s all beautiful! 

For closer friends and family – on my private Insta feed I’m also taking on the #100daysofMelbourne challenge sharing personal pictures in and around Melbourne – sharing it’s beauty as captured with my iPhone 6! 

The challenge has been on for a week – which is longer than I have ever continued any challenge like this before! 

It’s not too late – just jump in – and comment on my Insta feed or comment below with you Insta account so I can see what your 100 days challenge is!!

Thanks for stopping by! 


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