Celebrity spotting!

If you have been in the scrapbooking world for sometime, you will have heard of Project Life. And if you have heard of Project Life…chances are you will have heard of Becky Higgins too! 

Becky is the creator of a simple memory keeping aka scrapbooking system called “Project Life“. Her mantra is “Cultivate a good life and record it”! 

Through PL, Becky aims to inspire people to record the stories of their lives and the lives of their loved ones with minimal fuss. Simply print photos, use the pre-designed PL cards (for journaling or just adding a touch of “pretty”) and slide them into pocket page protectors that go into albums. Of course the embellishment lovers can embellish the cards and photos if they are so inclined. 🙂

So these last 11 days, Becky with her Product Manager, Kari Holt, has been on a whirlwind tour of Australia with Spotlight Stores – our art and craft mega stores in Australia. 

I’m such a dork because when I saw the tour dates I got so excited – then without checking the day of the week she was in Melbourne, I got super sad as well – thinking both her classes were during the day so I’d miss it 😦 

Then only a day before they arrived in Victoria did I realize that she was visiting on Saturday! Hurray!! So I made a 55km trip to Spotlight Fountaingate to say “G’Day!!”

I did wonder however, that I had been following Becky on social media for months and bought a ton of stuff when I visited US last year, but have hardly “created” any PL layouts that I could share with her when I meet her. 

Becky had shared on social media how she had started signing mini canvases with her mantra/tag line for a number of her fans on this tour.

So it occurred to me at 10.30pm on Friday night that perhaps I could make a gift for Becky?!

Luckily I had a couple of these mini canvases at home. So after making a “trial” version…. I made my gift for her in Hindi – my mother tongue – that I hardly ever write in now, since coming to Australia 16 years ago! 

I had to call Mum to help me translate it!! Lol!! 😀

Left one for her and right one is the trial one. 

And here’s the closeup.

Becky and Kari were both wonderful in person. Becky was so excited by the canvas that she made a little video and took my picture with the canvas too – silly me I forgot to take a picture of her with the canvas in her hands! X(

Some pictures of the afternoon below – and yes I did take both my little girls with me to see her!! 

(This one above of the balloons was shared by another Becky fan on social media – I couldn’t get a perfect angle!)

L-R: Bob (the Spotlight Liason?), Kari (Product Manager), Becky and a friend? 

If you have reached the bottom of this post thanks for stopping by! 

I leave you with the last photo of the goodies I received that day. More short stories and a mini video of the day is on my Instagram feed. 

  Have an awesome day!


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