#LMP 12×12 Day dream

The initial fear has subsided – much like the fear of the unknown when becoming a parent for the first time 😁 hehe 

Now instead of the sleepless nights of feeds and nappy changes, it’s the sleepless nights of anticipation and excitement – what will I make next?! What papers will I use? What new technique will I learn? What will the layout look like? 

The Jumping Off Point – This next layout was for my younger daughter, our #LittleMissPrecious (or #LMP in short!) and I loved this picture where she was sitting on a table at a pottery painting studio called “Fired Up” in Peoria, IL, USA, when we were visiting my sister this summer. Her grey and pastel pink top set the color scheme and her navy denim leggings the main color of the layout. 

The Base Kit – I found a navy bow (that matched #LMP’s leggings) in the Dear Lizzy Serendipity collection bought from steals.com while I was visiting family in US two months ago. The rest of the kit was perfect – match made in the “stars”! 

 (It’s the one dark navy colored sheet on the pack pictured!)

 The Background – At a recent sale in Spotlight, I got my first few bottles of Heidi Swapp’s Color Shine set (aka Heidi Shine!!) in “Butter”=Yellow, “Peacock”=Blue and “Hot Pink” (name says it all!). I also have a big pack of cheap paper doilies – that come in 3 sizes. 

So I stuck the smallest doily on a pink cardstock and spritzed the Peacock colored Heidi Shine and viola!   

Once dried I was able to save the colored doily for a future project and use the pink cardstock with the doily imprinted design here for this layout.

Bringing it all together –  Making the beautiful star constellation 6×6 paper the “HERO” of the layout, I just matted the photo on a polka dot printed paper from the Dear Lizzy collection then diagonally layered it with the navy paper and it turned out very pretty indeed! 

  I loved the “DARLING” on the attaching strip of the star constellation sheet on the 6×6 paper pad so cut it up into a banner and with a few Project Life Trinkets kiy embellishments and the Serendipity collection embellishments I made a couple of clusters. 

 Plus a project life 3×4 card again for journaling. 🙂

Design Principle – as this layout was very heavy on the bottom half of the page I placed a gold border on the top – but I tore a third off(?!), initially unsure how it would look but then then word “day dream” in the stickers pack of the Dear Lizzy collection jumped at me and seeing my daughter’s expression it seemed as if she was day dreaming when I took the picture… So that became the title of the page! 

The remaining 1/3 of the gold border then went at the bottom of the journaling card which then balanced it all I think…..

A few stamps here and a few enamel dots there…. And here’s the final result. 

Thanks for stopping by! 



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