This ship has sailed (yes!) 

Fear and uncertainty is a lethal mix. It sends the mind and body into a paralysis of doubt and procrastination! 

After the drama of PictureMate – that Epson have discontinued it in Australia (only a month ago!) and have no plans for a replacement model for the foreseeable future… I had to go with the next best option in @homeprinting/scrapbooking the Canon Selphy 910. It had mixed reviews and still people find its finishing quality a bit iffy but I have found some settings that can be tweaked to get improved results – save that for a later post – watch this space! 

So I was at:

– Scrapping Supplies: Check

– Embellishments: Check

– Photo Printer: Check

– Loads of pictures on phone and computer ready to be scrapped about: Check! 

But unfortunately the last bit caused me (like it does to many a scrapper!) – a fair bit of grief. I have hundreds if not thousands of pictures that need to be printed and scrapped – so where do I begin? 

Printing them one at a time on the Selphy just didn’t seem logical…. Although I did start there. 

Plus I don’t want every picture to be 4×6 (rather 3.9×5.8 – because the Selphy paper isn’t true 4×6!!) so that meant trying out a collage app and setting up the collages one at a time  :-/ 

Yes I know…. I sound like a grumpy lazy bum – hence the aforementioned “paralysis of procrastination“!! 

Anyway, while trolling scrapbook groups on Facebook, I came across a solution to my troubles – a fellow Australian scrapbooker mentioned a special sale on at – 50% off prints to be precise. So off I went to “browse”…. And lucky for me there was also a signup promotion going on – 60 FREE 4×6 prints (just pay $2.95 postage) – so I thought no harm! 

I found a few hand picked photos of my elder daughter #LittleMissGorgeous on the external hard drive so I uploaded them and did the rest via PayPal – too easy! 

Two days later – a lovely little packet was waiting in the letterbox – my snapfish happy mail =) 

While browsing through the snapfish prints – one cute picture of my #LittleMissGorgeous caught my eye! 

That was it! I had to start there…!! 

So here’s the sneak peek of my first scrapbook layout EVER! 

Scrapbook Layout

#LMG 12×12 LO1

 In the next post, I’ll share the steps I took to create this first 12×12 layout. 

Thanks for stopping by! 


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