Did I jump the gun?!

Well it’s been on my to do list for months if not years… To journal and record our lives, especially since my first daughter was born.

But – traditional scrap booking was way too intimidating! I just couldn’t see myself staring at a blank 12×12 sheet and knowing how to layer the photos and the papers and the embellishment to create the exquisite scrapbook masterpieces that I saw on Pinterest (of course I understand that there isn’t a perfect page but still… It’s scary!!) it’s not like I’ve studied arts or design etc… To know the nitty gritty of what makes a perfect scrap composition.

Then when I found Becky’s PL system earlier this year, I couldn’t contain my excitement, but I thought best to do all my PL shopping in U.S. as I knew I was going to visit family over there between May-July.

Till then I filled all my free time between cuddling and cooing with my baby! with day dreaming about scrap booking and watching as many YouTube videos as I could, in all sorts of wee hours of the night!

Then I returned from the holiday with a huge stash – pictures posted in the last post.

I don’t have the albums yet – no problem – but the bigger more fundamental issue is that I don’t have my pictures printed yet!

After a lot of online research I’ve come to the conclusion that –

A) Australian scrappers don’t have the luxury of pernicketyprints (like the U.S. guys!) – but yes we do have scrapbook printing.com.au with fairly reasonable printing charges for 12×12 and reviews show that their quality is pretty decent. However, what should I do when I need to start scrapping like “right now”?!!

B) I have played with the #ProjectLifeApp as well and have created a few layouts but I’m in love with all my pretty embellishments. So I’m wondering whether the PLapp 12×12 or 8×8 prints will have to be cut up to utilize the pocket pages I’ve already bought or what I turn lazy and just start sliding the printed layouts in the sleeves like Becky does and lay all my embellie stash to waste?! :-/

C) So a dedicated photo printer it is! And all blogs and scrappy videos I’ve seen pointed to the Epson PictureMate!

So I spoke to hubby dearest and he agreed that I should go ahead and order one! Yay!!

But shortly after trolling through the usual sites – eBay, office works, Amazon, Epson etc etc I realized something very odd – there is no PictureMate available for Australia?! WHAT?!

Late night post (like 3am!) to the Facebook  “Project Life Australia” group (such a helpful bunch!!) – and the Papertendz.com reps have replied that for some buzz are reason Epson has discontinued PictureMate in Australia and there is no replacement announced as yet!!! WHAT?!!



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