The stage is set… {almost!}

Ok nearly a month since we returned from the holiday and I can safely say that all the bags are unpacked and scrapbook goodies accounted for! 

It appears I did go a little crazy with my scrappy shopping spree! Everything was just so amazingly cheap in U.S. that I couldn’t resist (trust me I tried!). I started off with a little tour of Micheals and Hobby Lobby. 

The Project Life scrap booking system created by Becky Higgins was what I was looking for. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting to find when I first saw the core kit… But initially they just looked like a bunch of cards like any other. 

The PL section indicated that the PL formula was “Core Kit + Album + Pocket Pages” = Super easy scrapbook success! Simple enough!!

Carting albums all the way from US was a bit of an overkill. Although I must admit that Hobby Lobby had some very pretty ones… Even Mickey themed ones to record trips to Disneyland!!! *drool!* 

So bar the albums, here’s my PL starter kit! 

And the excitement didn’t just stop there…. I honestly am not sure how – must have been the late night surfing between Little Missy B’s feeds – I came across this site called where I found some unbelievable deals – and they were all for continental U.S. and I was in the continental U.S. so oh well – what the heck! 

So in the half asleep state I ordered a few kits related to “family”, “birthday”, embellishments and buttons from Dear Lizzy and Sn@p! Sets that will last me a long long time.. Plus the Americana, Chicago, Frozen and Despicable Me themed stickers too!
So the overall haul is here :

Now I just need to :

A) Sort out the pictures on my phone and DSLR camera 

B) Select the ones I’m after and get hem printed

C) Start scrap booking!! 


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