Let the madness begin!

OK this is my {God knows what number!}’th attempt at scrapping – and blogging – and blogging about scrapping! 

I used to think to myself – Wow! Life really gets in the way! – but as years have passed I am now beginning to realize that – “There won’t ever be a perfect time”! So let today be it!! 

So well, I have just (ok 2 weeks ago!) returned from a 3 month (88 days to be exact!) trip to the USA where I spent majority of my time visiting family and relaxing with my two little princesses. And the reason for the long break was my year long maternity leave – thank you Australia! – so it is the best use of this time off to spend time with loved ones and make beautiful memories. 

When my maternity leave started at the start of the year, I randomly bumped into this new scrap booking system called “Project Life” by Becky Higgins (@beckyhigginsllc) while randomly surfing on Instagram. I have been a pretty-things-collector for ages and actually have stamps/stickers from my schools days still with me!! I have never really scrap booked ever but have made photo books with some journaling here and there and also made handmade stuff – cards, banners, decorations for birthday parties etc etc. So scrap booking has fascinated me for ages but the design factor and the amount of time and effort that people spend on one single page really scared me (I guess!). So when I came across the Project Life system… I thought to myself that “Hang on.. I can actually do this! Perhaps it isn’t so daunting after all!” 

So here I am… Still on maternity leave – with a big stash of scrap booking stuff that I’ll start using and share my progress and… 

Let’s see where we end up!! 



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