Scrapbook Topics

There is so much that I’d to document for my #LittleMissGorgeous and #LittleMissPrecious but I goes the long journey begins with one single step – So here’s the list of scrapbooks/ideas that I want to create in the coming months!

  • Baby Book for #LittleMissGorgeous – her first year with us including all the memerobilia (her hospital tags, hair cut, welcome cards etc) – 12×12
  • Baby Book for #LittleMissPrecioid – her first year with all the above too! – 12×12
  • First Birthday Album for #LittleMissGorgeous – 12×12
  • Annual Family Albums from 2012 onwards – 8×8?!
  • Family Holiday Albums – 8×8?!
  • The Story of Us Album – the years together with #MyBabiesDaddy and me before our little princesses came along. Planning to include some overseas trips and holidays with friends etc

Hmmmmm any more ideas?


Did I jump the gun?!

Well it’s been on my to do list for months if not years… To journal and record our lives, especially since my first daughter was born.

But – traditional scrap booking was way too intimidating! I just couldn’t see myself staring at a blank 12×12 sheet and knowing how to layer the photos and the papers and the embellishment to create the exquisite scrapbook masterpieces that I saw on Pinterest (of course I understand that there isn’t a perfect page but still… It’s scary!!) it’s not like I’ve studied arts or design etc… To know the nitty gritty of what makes a perfect scrap composition.

Then when I found Becky’s PL system earlier this year, I couldn’t contain my excitement, but I thought best to do all my PL shopping in U.S. as I knew I was going to visit family over there between May-July.

Till then I filled all my free time between cuddling and cooing with my baby! with day dreaming about scrap booking and watching as many YouTube videos as I could, in all sorts of wee hours of the night!

Then I returned from the holiday with a huge stash – pictures posted in the last post.

I don’t have the albums yet – no problem – but the bigger more fundamental issue is that I don’t have my pictures printed yet!

After a lot of online research I’ve come to the conclusion that –

A) Australian scrappers don’t have the luxury of pernicketyprints (like the U.S. guys!) – but yes we do have scrapbook with fairly reasonable printing charges for 12×12 and reviews show that their quality is pretty decent. However, what should I do when I need to start scrapping like “right now”?!!

B) I have played with the #ProjectLifeApp as well and have created a few layouts but I’m in love with all my pretty embellishments. So I’m wondering whether the PLapp 12×12 or 8×8 prints will have to be cut up to utilize the pocket pages I’ve already bought or what I turn lazy and just start sliding the printed layouts in the sleeves like Becky does and lay all my embellie stash to waste?! :-/

C) So a dedicated photo printer it is! And all blogs and scrappy videos I’ve seen pointed to the Epson PictureMate!

So I spoke to hubby dearest and he agreed that I should go ahead and order one! Yay!!

But shortly after trolling through the usual sites – eBay, office works, Amazon, Epson etc etc I realized something very odd – there is no PictureMate available for Australia?! WHAT?!

Late night post (like 3am!) to the Facebook  “Project Life Australia” group (such a helpful bunch!!) – and the reps have replied that for some buzz are reason Epson has discontinued PictureMate in Australia and there is no replacement announced as yet!!! WHAT?!!


The stage is set… {almost!}

Ok nearly a month since we returned from the holiday and I can safely say that all the bags are unpacked and scrapbook goodies accounted for! 

It appears I did go a little crazy with my scrappy shopping spree! Everything was just so amazingly cheap in U.S. that I couldn’t resist (trust me I tried!). I started off with a little tour of Micheals and Hobby Lobby. 

The Project Life scrap booking system created by Becky Higgins was what I was looking for. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting to find when I first saw the core kit… But initially they just looked like a bunch of cards like any other. 

The PL section indicated that the PL formula was “Core Kit + Album + Pocket Pages” = Super easy scrapbook success! Simple enough!!

Carting albums all the way from US was a bit of an overkill. Although I must admit that Hobby Lobby had some very pretty ones… Even Mickey themed ones to record trips to Disneyland!!! *drool!* 

So bar the albums, here’s my PL starter kit! 

And the excitement didn’t just stop there…. I honestly am not sure how – must have been the late night surfing between Little Missy B’s feeds – I came across this site called where I found some unbelievable deals – and they were all for continental U.S. and I was in the continental U.S. so oh well – what the heck! 

So in the half asleep state I ordered a few kits related to “family”, “birthday”, embellishments and buttons from Dear Lizzy and Sn@p! Sets that will last me a long long time.. Plus the Americana, Chicago, Frozen and Despicable Me themed stickers too!
So the overall haul is here :

Now I just need to :

A) Sort out the pictures on my phone and DSLR camera 

B) Select the ones I’m after and get hem printed

C) Start scrap booking!! 

Let the madness begin!

OK this is my {God knows what number!}’th attempt at scrapping – and blogging – and blogging about scrapping! 

I used to think to myself – Wow! Life really gets in the way! – but as years have passed I am now beginning to realize that – “There won’t ever be a perfect time”! So let today be it!! 

So well, I have just (ok 2 weeks ago!) returned from a 3 month (88 days to be exact!) trip to the USA where I spent majority of my time visiting family and relaxing with my two little princesses. And the reason for the long break was my year long maternity leave – thank you Australia! – so it is the best use of this time off to spend time with loved ones and make beautiful memories. 

When my maternity leave started at the start of the year, I randomly bumped into this new scrap booking system called “Project Life” by Becky Higgins (@beckyhigginsllc) while randomly surfing on Instagram. I have been a pretty-things-collector for ages and actually have stamps/stickers from my schools days still with me!! I have never really scrap booked ever but have made photo books with some journaling here and there and also made handmade stuff – cards, banners, decorations for birthday parties etc etc. So scrap booking has fascinated me for ages but the design factor and the amount of time and effort that people spend on one single page really scared me (I guess!). So when I came across the Project Life system… I thought to myself that “Hang on.. I can actually do this! Perhaps it isn’t so daunting after all!” 

So here I am… Still on maternity leave – with a big stash of scrap booking stuff that I’ll start using and share my progress and… 

Let’s see where we end up!!